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Designed for athletes.

Covering short track, long track, and inline skating, Evo Skates has extensive experience in product design, manufacturing, and practical hands-on skating involvement.

There is no successor when it comes to quality and innovation.

Evo Skates is committed to developing the best products through constant testing and innovation. Only premium materials, the highest quality manufacturing processes and advanced designs are implemented. Evo Skates strives to provide the best products through collaboration with athletes and coaches. There is no successor, only one original.

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Johan Bennink

Johan's involvement in sport started as an athlete where he was Provincial Champion in both long track speed skating and cycling.

After his sporting career Johan held positions as the National Inline Team Coach, and as a professional marathon team coach for 3 and 5 years respectively.

During his professional coaching career he helped to produce 2 long track Olympians at the Calgary and Albertville Winter Games.

With a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and as a specialist in metal technology Johan combined his education with his passion for skating and founded Maple, EVO and Skate-Tec. As the architect behind the design and manufacturing of all the blades, Johan now brings over 50 years of skating and engineering experience to the Evo group and its products.